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Win an Emergency Transport Gift Basket

Posted by Graham Medical on Dec 9, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Whether you’re a firefighter, first responder, or EMT, much of your job centers on the safe transport of patients. While certain parts of the economy remain in varying stages of reopening, first responders are on the ground every day, ensuring that society is operating smoothly. Paired with the ongoing factors of natural disasters, mass shootings, and civil unrest, performing your job during a global pandemic has only heightened the risk factor. 

Graham Medical appreciates the contribution that emergency medical professionals like yourself make to keep us safe. So, to help equip you for these situations, Graham Medical has developed products specifically designed for use in unpredictable environments. 

MegaMover® Portable Transport Unit Gift Basket Giveaway

We’re excited to remind you that we’re giving away a custom basket specifically created with First Responders in mind. Although trade shows have gone virtual, we wanted to find a way to engage with our heroes on the ground. That’s why we’re providing a winner with a full basket of MegaMover® Patient Transport Unit products each month. This line of products will help EMT professionals do their job better.

Here’s what’s included in the gift basket.

MegaMover® Portable Transport Unit 

The original MegaMover® transport unit has been utilized by emergency medical personnel for years to transport patients over uneven terrain to a waiting ambulance.

MegaMover® Transport Chair 

This unique transport device enables responders to easily transport patients in a seated position and is ideal for rescuing patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers. 

MegaMover® Tactical

The lightweight, durable unit was designed for active shooter situations. The device can be dragged or carried and requires only one to two responders per victim. It can also be loaded from either direction in an event that requires rapid decision-making.

MegaMover® Disaster Response

The Disaster Response unit was designed by EMS professionals with evacuation events in mind. The lightweight device was designed to transport a victim out of disaster areas with minimal rescuers.

MegaMover® 350i Heavy-Duty Barrier Sheet

This single-use blanket is ideal in a variety of situations, including protecting patients from the elements or providing comfort during a difficult time. The lightweight Comfort1® Blanket is easy to transport and store and can be used in warming cabinets.

Comfort1® Blanket - Polyester Grey 40” x 80”

These comfortable single-use blankets can be pre-warmed in a warmer up to 150 degrees.

Hypothermia Blanket 52"x84"

This Mylar blanket is excellent for retaining body heat in cool weather, keeping the victim dry in damp or rainy conditions and can be used as a heat reflector when in the hot sunshine. 

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