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Why Police Need Better Equipment For Tactical Response

Posted by Graham Medical on Jun 18, 2019 10:00:00 AM

shutterstock_498487594Police are under significant pressure with the rise of mass casualty and active shooter incidents. Combatting an increase in both violence and public visibility, these first responders are expected to quickly secure a scene with minimal harm to bystanders. This response is expected to happen on an extremely quick timetable. In situations such as active shooters, police must move beyond neighborhood peace-keeping to act as tactical responders and disaster experts. 

When a SWAT Team Is Not Enough

SWAT teams are well known, between media publicity and impressive urban responses the public recognizes this elite police as experts at tactical response. What the public may not know however is the struggles faced by many of these SWAT teams. SWAT officers must excel in physical aspects such as sustained runs, lifts, and endurance. SWAT members must also be able to think quickly on their feet, make fair judgments, and handle the emotional aftermath of any missions. 

And for many, this isn't even a full-time job. 

Many SWAT officers must meet all these requirements while often still serving shifts as regular officers, as well as battling departmental budget cuts, limited training, and escalating situations of violence nationwide.

First Responders Need Tactical Gear For Mass Casualties

When every second counts, these hard working officers need every advantage to protect their teams and the public. This is why many police unions are calling for an increase in tactical gear for city police departments. As situations like mass shootings take on a more militaristic-like feel in domestic settings, these first responders need equipment that is up to the task. 

"We're fighting domestic terrorists..." says Officer Ray Hunt, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union. "Any person who opposes what they want to call militarizing the police department, they're not the ones putting on that uniform and going out and getting shot." In domestic terrorism, tactical response includes not just associated assault and defense, but also tactical equipment for emergency medical care and transportation. 

Emergency Patient Transport Should Be Designed for the Emergency

Just as a bicycle and taser would not be effective in containing a mass shooting incident, neither would a hard-backed wheeled gurney be effective at transporting patients from that scene. The MegaMover® Tactical and MegaMover® Disaster Response are specially designed by first responders for first responders to make patient transport easier and more efficient during active shooter and mass casualty incidents. These specially designed patient transports take into account staff stretched thin and the need to move quickly, optimizing features so that patients can be taken to triage safely by a minimal number of people across difficult terrain. This next generation of patient transport is ultra light, ultra strong, and highly versatile to meet the needs of police and SWAT.

Learn more about tactical equipment to support police in volatile situations with the MegaMover® Tactical and MegaMover® Disaster Response from Graham Medical. 

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